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History of Savvatis Company

Our company was established in 1978 and in a short amount of time gained a reputation for quality garage about heavy vehicles, particularly helping the demanding, professional customers to gain valuable time by reducing the damage from their vehicles.

Since then, our company has been authorized by the Swedish company “SCANIA” as the only technical support centre, in sailing parts and truck throughout Northern Greece. Within this authorization, we apply the high standards of “SCANIA” (Dealer Operating Service - DOS).

The long lasting service provided to professional drivers and truck companies in specific, has helped up not only in obtaining know-how but in understanding the needs of a professional as well. This has resulted in harmonizing with this kind of demand, as well as in operating hours, our flexibility in coping with major problems 24 hours a day and to our thorough spare parts availability.

Since the 30th of March 2009, Mercedes-Benz Hellas S.A. acknowledging our expertise and our capabilities, has authorized our company as her official repairer of trucks and vans. Thus, we are the only multi-brand authorized service and sales centre of Mercedes-Benz Hellas S.A. spare parts across the Balkans and one of the few in Europe.

Our company is an authorized repairer and sales centre of trucks’ spare parts of ISUZU.

Full range of special tools and workshop equipment for the quick confrontation of any kind of work is available.

Fully equipped with all necessary special tools, diagnostic equipment for any failures and the necessary spare parts to repair serious damages is available on our mobile workshop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Announcements of Savvatis Company